European Study Tour
2015 Travel Checklist


Passport w (secure) holder
Passport copy (color recommended)
Business attire
Euro-casual attire
Study Tour t-shirt
Comfortable walking shoes
Medical card
Debit card
Credit card
Emergency cash ($250 suggested)
Liquids in quart-size bag
Prescription medications (in original containers)
Camera or smartphone & charger
Laptop (or tablet) computer & power adapter
UK plug converter
Europe plug converter
Name badge
Gifts for presenters (all students will assist)
Luggage tags (check & carry-on)
Pen or pencil
Paper & notebook (for journal & notes)
Course syllabus
German phrases
Schedule (print day of departure)

Optional but recommended:

Driver's license
Student ID card
Moleskin & band-aids (for blisters)
Inflatable neck pillow
Noise-cancelling headphones
USB flash/thumb drive
Energy/protein/candy bars
Extra zip-lock bags
Travel iron
Hair dryer
German phrase book

Before leaving:

Notify banks of “out-of-country” dates
Pay bills
Charge electronic devices
Check non-roaming setup on phone
Test Wi-Fi on computing device(s)
Test Skype
Copy of passport to family/friend
Copy of schedule to family/friend

Lawrence E. Burgee, Ph.D.
Last Updated: April 15, 2015